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As a global community, we now have more knowledge in the areas of health and agriculture than at any moment in human history. Simple tools and medicines stop the spread of disease; farming techniques prevent hunger and starvation.

However, many still don’t have access to this life-changing knowledge. The hardest-to-reach people around the world are cut off from information sources like the internet, books, or even radio.

We amplify life-changing knowledge so that it reaches the people who need it most – communities that lack basic infrastructure and other services like education and healthcare. Our low-cost audio computer, the Talking Book, connects the oral tradition of storytelling with technology to share critical health and agricultural information on-demand.

The Talking Book works where other technology doesn’t stand a chance—in remote, off-the-grid villages where many people cannot read. Now all people can benefit from knowledge that fights poverty, hunger, and disease.

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We partner with international organizations that want to amplify tried-and-true behavior changing messages for people in communities that are cut off from traditional sources of information, like government extension workers.

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By improving health and agriculture practices, our Talking Book has helped people live healthier, more productive, and more resilient lives.

Example of our impact: Prevent malaria
Example of our impact: Improve handwashing

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